UNA REY | David Brooks and Darren Jorgenson, The Wanarn Painters of Place and Time: Old Age Travels in the Tjukurrpa

The Aboriginal painting movement has long been characterised by ‘remote stars’ whose seniority connotes the last generation to embody the full lexicon of pre-contact experience of language, law (tjukurrpa) and Country. Witness, for example, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, whose career—launched in her eighties—was all ‘late’; the taciturn old men guiding the middle-aged painters at Papunya in the early 1970s; or the last Nyikina speaker, Loongkoonan, who started painting in her nineties and is now brushing her second century.

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Citation: Una Rey, ‘Review of David Brooks and Darren Jorgensen, The Wanarn Painters of Place and Time: Old Age Travels in the Tjukurrpa,’ in emaj, Issue 10, (March 2018), https://emajartjournal.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/una-rey_wanarn_old-painters-emaj10.pdf

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Published March 2018

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